The floating dock is the basic unit of a marina, acting both as a walkway for people and as a mooring point for yachts. The standard lengths are 6 metres and 12 metres, although other lengths can be made on request.

All floating docks can be equipped with fingers, electricity, water, lighting and other special accessories according to choice and requirement.

Walkways are sized for transportation of standard road trailers or ISO shipping containers. Floating dock frames are fully welded and galvanised. Walkways and finger pontoons can be connected in any configuration at 0.75 m intervals The fingers are fixed to the main pontoon, allowing easier mooring and boarding for yachts and crew. The length of the fingers can vary between 4 and 12 meters depending on the size of the berth. The width varies between 0.5 and 1 meter. Due to its modular structure different dimensions can be made on request. The fingers are manufactured in the same way as the floating docks.

Main accessories of floating dock:

1. Pontoons
2. Frame (Galvanized Steel Frame / Aluminium Frame)
3. Decking
4. Gangway / Access bridge
5. Other accessories
      Galvanised or stainless steel mooring ring
      Anchoring system
      Service pedestals

Length (m)
Width (m)
Height (m)
Free-boards (m)
0.8 - 0.6
Load capacity (kg/m2)
Other dimensions on request
Finger-LxBxH 6.0x0.8x0.96 with fenders, standard hardwood decking and signal light Floating dock-LxBxH-6.0x2.8x0.96 with standard hardwood decking. Load capacity 80kg/m2. Maximum load 135kg/m2. VK Partizan Marine, Ada Ciganlija Belgrade, Serbia